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CY22720 (Testunau Bob Lliw: llunio profiadau LHDT+) CY22720 Module
CY32720 (Testunau Bob Lliw: llunio profiadau LHDT+) CY32720 Module
CYM5820(Cyfieithu Creadigol Rhyngwladol) CYM5820 Module
FM10120 (Studying Film) FM10120 Module
FM10220 (Studying Television) FM10220 Module
FM10420 (Media Production Workshop (semester 1)) FM10420 Module
FM10520 (Media Production Workshop (semester 2)) FM10520 Module
FM10620 (Studying Media) FM10620 Module
FM10720 (Studying Communication) FM10720 Module
FM10820 (Introduction to Post Production and Editing) FM10820 Module
FM11120 (Movements in Film History) FM11120 Module
FM11240 (Making Short Films 2) FM11240 Module
FM17320(Writing Continuing TV Drama) FM17320 Module
FM17620 (Introduction to Film Production) FM17620 Module
FM20120 (LGBT Screens) FM20120 Module
FM20240 (Film Craft) FM20240 Module
FM20620 (Television Genre) FM20620 Module
FM20920 (Film Genre: The Horror Film) FM20920 Module
FM21020 (Contemporary Hollywood Cinema) FM21020 Module
FM21320 (Stardom and Celebrity) FM21320 Module
FM21620 (Writing for Film and Television) FM21620 Module
FM21920 (Advertising) FM21920 Module
FM22440 (Directing and Producing) FM22440 Module
FM22620 (Media, Politics and Power) FM22620 Module
FM23820 (Work in the Media Industries 1) FM23820 Module
FM24420 (Art Cinema) FM24420 Module
FM25420 (Television Production 2) FM25420 Module
FM25520(Digital Culture) FM25520 Module
FM26220 (Television History) FM26220 Module
FM26520 (Television Production 1) FM26520 Module
FM27120 (Writing Audio Drama) FM27120 Module
FM30020 (Contemporary Film and the Break-Up of Britain) FM30020 Module
FM30320 (Contemporary TV Drama) FM30320 Module
FM30420 (Sound design and dubbing) FM30420 Module
FM30620 (Visual Effects and Grading) FM30620 Module
FM30820 (Advanced Sound) FM30820 Module
FM30920 (Advanced Editing) FM30920 Module
FM33540 (Experimental Media Production) FM33540 Module
FM33740 (Documentary Production) FM33740 Module
FM34120 (Visual Semiotics) FM34120 Module
FM34240 (Fiction Film Production) FM34240 Module
FM34520 (Experimental Cinema) FM34520 Module
FM36040 (Dissertation (Film and Media)) FM36040 Module
FM36720 (Media Law) FM36720 Module
FM37020(Scriptwriting 1) FM37020 Module
FM37120(Scriptwriting 2) FM37120 Module
FM37520 (Advanced Cinematography and Production Design) FM37520 Module
FM38220 (Cult Cinema: Texts, Histories and Audiences) FM38220 Module
FM38320 (Gender and the Media) FM38320 Module
FM38420 (Videogame Theories) FM38420 Module
FM39820 (Sales and Distribution) FM39820 Module
PGM1810 (Ways of Working) PGM1810 Module
PGM4120 (Research Skills and Personal Development (0120)) PGM4120 Module
PGM4940 (Work Based Research in Professional Contexts) PGM4940 Module
PGM5060 (Pilot Doctoral Enquiry Project) PGM5060 Module
TC20040 (Seiliau Ymarfer Cynhyrchu) TC20040 Module
TC20220 (Prosiect Ymchwil Ymarferol) TC20220 Module
TC21320 (Sgiliau Sgriptio) TC21320 Module
TC21820 (Ffilm a Chyfryngau Cymru) TC21820 Module
TC22420 (Ffilmiau Dogfen) TC22420 Module
TC26220 (Theatr Gyfoes yng Nghymru) TC26220 Module
TC26520 (Cynhyrchu Teledu 1) TC26520 Module
TC31320 (Cynhyrchiad Annibynnol) TC31320 Module
TC31440 (Prosiect Cynhyrchu Uwch) TC31440 Module
TC31740 (Ysgrifennu Drama) TC31740 Module
TC31920 (Ffilm a Chyfryngau Cymru) TC31920 Module
TC32120 (Genrau Teledu) TC32120 Module
TC32520 (Ffilmiau Dogfen) TC32520 Module
TC33340 (Ymarfer Creadigol Annibynnol (Cyfryngau) TC33340 Module
TC36140 (Prosiect Ymchwil Creadigol) TC36140 Module
TC36220 (Theatr Gyfoes yng Nghymru) TC36220 Module
TFM0120 (Gender and Media Production) TFM0120 Module
TFM0220 (Digital Culture) TFM0220 Module
TFM0720 (16mm Filmmaking) TFM0720 Module
TFM0840 (Documentary Practices) TFM0840 Module
TFM0920 (Ecocriticism and Ecocinema) TFM0920 Module
TFM1060 (Practice Research Project) TFM1060 Module
TFM3520 (Film Distribution and Exhibition) TFM3520 Module
TFM3640 (Film Producing) TFM3640 Module
TFM3720 (Aspects of Media Law) TFM3720 Module
TFM3960 (Film Production Research Project) TFM3960 Module
TFM4520 (Case Studies in Film History) TFM4520 Module
TFM6420 (Introduction to Media Production) TFM6420 Module
TFM6520 (Advanced Media Production) TFM6520 Module
TP11020 (Theatre in Context 1) TP11020 Module
TP11120 (Studio Theatre Project) TP11120 Module
TP11320 (Theatre in Context 2) TP11320 Module
TP11420 (Site-Specific Performance Project) TP11420 Module
TP11620 (Making Scenography (Studio)) TP11620 Module
TP11720 (Making Scenography (Site)) TP11720 Module
TP19820 (Theatre Technologies) TP19820 Module
TP20420 (Theatre and Contemporary Society) TP20420 Module
TP21220 (Acting: Process and Performance) TP21220 Module
TP21620 (Devised Performance Project) TP21620 Module
TP21820 (Directors' Theatre: Staging Modern Drama) TP21820 Module
TP22320 (Principles of Scenography) TP22320 Module
TP22520 (Scenographic Composition) TP22520 Module
TP22620 (Theatre Design Project) TP22620 Module
TP23820 (New Media Performance) TP23820 Module
TP24740 (Scenography Production Project) TP24740 Module
TP24940 (Theatre Production Project) TP24940 Module
TP25920 (Acting for Camera) TP25920 Module
TP26220 (Contemporary Theatre in Wales) TP26220 Module
TP31240(Advanced Studio Practice (scenography)) TP31240 Module
TP32820 (Place, Space and Landscape) TP32820 Module
TP33120 (Theatre, Gender and Sexuality) TP33120 Module
TP33420 (Performance and Architecture) TP33420 Module
TP34640 (Playwriting (semester 2)) TP34640 Module
TP35520 (Ensemble Performance Project) TP35520 Module
TP35940(Advanced Scenographic Project) TP35940 Module
TP36040 (Dissertation) TP36040 Module
TP36220 (Contemporary Theatre in Wales) TP36220 Module
TP38140 (Final Production Project) TP38140 Module
TP39020 (Musical Theatre Dramaturgies) TP39020 Module
TPM1020 (Space, Time, Material and Form) TPM1020 Module
TPM1340 (Compositional Practices) TPM1340 Module
TPM1540 (Creative Production Project) TPM1540 Module
TPM1820 (Engaging Publics) TPM1820 Module

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