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Name Code Type
CL10120 (Greek and Roman Epic and Drama) CL10120 Module
CL20320 (Classical Drama and Myth) CL20320 Module
EL10220 (Language in the Modern World) EL10220 Module
EN10220 (Ancestral Voices) EN10220 Module
EN10320 (To Boldly Go: Reading Star Trek) EN10320 Module
EN10520 (Contemporary Writing) EN10520 Module
EN11220 (Introduction to American Literature and Culture) EN11220 Module
EN11320 (Critical Practice) EN11320 Module
EN11420 (Literature And The Sea) EN11420 Module
EN11520 (The Beginning of the English Language) EN11520 Module
EN20120 (Literary Theory: Debates and Dialogues) EN20120 Module
EN20720 (Nineteenth Century Literature) EN20720 Module
EN20920(Literary Modernisms) EN20920 Module
EN21020 (Literary Geographies) EN21020 Module
EN21620 (Contemporary Queer Fiction) EN21620 Module
EN22020(The Shapes of Tragedy) EN22020 Module
EN22120(Place and Self) EN22120 Module
EN22920(Literature since 1945) EN22920 Module
EN23020 (Shakespeare, Jonson and Company) EN23020 Module
EN23120 (In the Olde Days: Medieval Texts and Their World) EN23120 Module
EN23420 (Demons, Degenerates and New Women (Fin de Siecle Fictions)) EN23420 Module
EN27820 (Forms of Children's Narrative Prose) EN27820 Module
EN28720 (Writing Women for the Public Stage, 1670-1780) EN28720 Module
EN29720 (Explorations) EN29720 Module
EN30040(Undergraduate Dissertation) EN30040 Module
EN30120(Reading Theory / Reading Text) EN30120 Module
EN30320(Victorian Childhoods) EN30320 Module
EN30420(Twentieth Century Welsh Writing in English) EN30420 Module
EN30520(Romantic Eroticism) EN30520 Module
EN30620 (Remix: Chaucer In The Then and Now) EN30620 Module
EN30720 (Reimagining the World Wars: Contemporary Historical Fictions) EN30720 Module
EN30820(Haunting Texts) EN30820 Module
EN31320 (The Mark of the Beast: Animals in Literature from the 1780s to the 1920a) EN31320 Module
EN31920 (The Postcolonial Novel) EN31920 Module
EN32420 (Contemporary Irish Fiction) EN32420 Module
EN35320 (Literatures of Surveillance) EN35320 Module
EN35420 (The American Novel in the nineteenth century) EN35420 Module
EN39420(American Literature in the Twentieth Century) EN39420 Module
ENM0120 (Research Skills) ENM0120 Module
ENM1120 (Medieval Dreams and Marvels) ENM1120 Module
ENM1220(Postwar American Fiction) ENM1220 Module
ENM1420(Postmodern Genres) ENM1420 Module
ENM1520(Romantic Radical Cultures) ENM1520 Module
ENM1620(Women, Fiction and Female Community, 1660-1792) ENM1620 Module
ENM1720 (Sensational Sales: Victorian Popular Literature 1848-1894) ENM1720 Module
ENM1820(Writing Ireland, Writing Wales) ENM1820 Module
ENM3320 (Poetry After Darwin) ENM3320 Module
ENM3520 (Writing in Genres) ENM3520 Module
ENM6020(Writing Fiction: Methods and Techniques) ENM6020 Module
ENM6220(Writing Poetry: Rhymes and Reasons) ENM6220 Module
ENM6320(Writing Poetry: Modes in Contemporary Poetry) ENM6320 Module
ENM6420(Understanding Creativity) ENM6420 Module
ENM6520(Writing and Publication) ENM6520 Module
PGM0120 (Research Skills and Personal Development) PGM0120 Module
PGM0410 (Ways of Reading) PGM0410 Module
PGM1520 (Research Skills and Personal Development for Scientists) PGM1520 Module
PGM1610 (Public Engagement and Impact) PGM1610 Module
PGM1810 (Ways of Working) PGM1810 Module
PGM4120 (Research Skills and Personal Development (0120)) PGM4120 Module
WL10120 (Re-imagining Nineteenth-Century Literature) WL10120 Module
WL11420 (Literature And The Sea) WL11420 Module
WL20120 (Exploring Professional Writing) WL20120 Module
WL20220 (Reading and Writing Fantasy Fiction) WL20220 Module
WL30620 (Remix: Chaucer In The Then and Now) WL30620 Module
WL32220 (Reading and Writing Science Fiction) WL32220 Module
WL35320 (Literatures of Surveillance) WL35320 Module
WR10020 (Reading for Writers) WR10020 Module
WR10420 (Introduction to Poetry) WR10420 Module
WR10520 (Writing Short Stories) WR10520 Module
WR11320 (Creative Practice) WR11320 Module
WR20220 (Learning from the Novelists) WR20220 Module
WR20620 (Writing Selves) WR20620 Module
WR21020(Transpositions) WR21020 Module
WR21120 (Telling True Stories: ways of Writing Creative Non-Fiction) WR21120 Module
WR21720 (Shaping Plots) WR21720 Module
WR22120 (Adventures with Poetry) WR22120 Module
WR30040(The Writing Project) WR30040 Module
WR30120(Textual Interventions) WR30120 Module
WR30620 (Writing Selves) WR30620 Module
WR31020 (Micro) WR31020 Module
WR31220 (Poetry for today) WR31220 Module
WR31620 (What ‘I’ reveal) WR31620 Module
WR32120(Writing and Place) WR32120 Module
WR32220(Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy) WR32220 Module
WR32320 (Kapow! Reading and Writing Graphic Narratives) WR32320 Module
WR32420 (Writing Crime Fiction) WR32420 Module

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