Modern Languages

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Name Code Type
EL10120 (Critical Thinking and Writing) EL10120 Module
EL10220 (Language in the Modern World) EL10220 Module
EL10520 (Introduction to European Film) EL10520 Module
EL10720 (Brazilian Portuguese (Basic)) EL10720 Module
EL10820 (Language, Culture, and Identity in Europe) EL10820 Module
EL20220 (Romance Linguistics) EL20220 Module
EL30320 (Romance Linguistics) EL30320 Module
FR10740 (French Language (Beginners)) FR10740 Module
FR11120(Introduction to French Studies) FR11120 Module
FR12910 (Images of France Through Childhood Memory) FR12910 Module
FR20130 (French Language) FR20130 Module
FR20310 (Language of Business 1) FR20310 Module
FR26120 (Humour and Literature) FR26120 Module
FR27110 (Voyage Et Litterature En France 17e-19e / Travel and Literature in France) FR27110 Module
FR27220 (Litterature Fantastique En France, 17e-19e / Fantastic Literature in France) FR27220 Module
FR28020 (Narrating and Visualising French Colonialism) FR28020 Module
FR29920 (La France De Toujours) FR29920 Module
FR30130 (French Language) FR30130 Module
FR30310 (The Language of Business and Current Affairs) FR30310 Module
FR36120 (Humour and Literature) FR36120 Module
FR37110 (Voyage Et Litterature En France 17e-19e / Travel and Literature in France) FR37110 Module
FR37220 (Litterature Fantastique En France 17e-19e / Fantastic Literature in France) FR37220 Module
FR38020 (Narrating and Visualising French Colonialism) FR38020 Module
GE10740 (German Language (Beginners)) GE10740 Module
GE10810 (Exploring German Cultural Identity) GE10810 Module
GE19930 (German Language Advanced) GE19930 Module
GE20130 (German Language) GE20130 Module
GE27110 (Short Prose in German) GE27110 Module
GE27220 (German-Speaking Refugees in Literature and Culture) GE27220 Module
GE29120 (The Language of German Drama) GE29120 Module
GE30130 (German Language) GE30130 Module
GE31110 (Contemporary German Politics) GE31110 Module
GE37020 (Autobiography and Life Writing in German) GE37020 Module
GE37220 (German-speaking Refugees from National Socialism in the UK) GE37220 Module
IT10510 (The Making of Italy) IT10510 Module
IT10740 (Italian Language (Beginners)) IT10740 Module
IT21210 (Modern Italy) IT21210 Module
IT21530 (Italian Language-Beginners (Single Hons European Languages: Minor Language)) IT21530 Module
PGM0120 (Research Skills and Personal Development) PGM0120 Module
PGM1810 (Ways of Working) PGM1810 Module
PGM4120 (Research Skills and Personal Development (0120)) PGM4120 Module
SP10610 (Hispanic Civilization) SP10610 Module
SP10740 (Spanish Language (Beginners)) SP10740 Module
SP11120 (Study and Research Skills in Spanish and Latin American Studies) SP11120 Module
SP19930 (Spanish Language Advanced) SP19930 Module
SP20130 (Spanish Language) SP20130 Module
SP20310 (Language of Business and Current Affairs 1) SP20310 Module
SP21530 (Spanish Language-Beginners (Single Hons European Languages: Minor Language)) SP21530 Module
SP22020 (Spanish Language (Single Hons European Languages: Minor Language)) SP22020 Module
SP25220 (Spanish Cinema ii: New Tendencies) SP25220 Module
SP26020 (Cuba in Revolution) SP26020 Module
SP26120 (Spanish American Cinema) SP26120 Module
SP30130 (Spanish Language) SP30130 Module
SP31410 (Actualidades) SP31410 Module
SP35120 (Reading Late 19th Century Literature) SP35120 Module
SP35220 (Spanish Cinema ii: New Tendencies) SP35220 Module
SP36020 (Cuba in Revolution) SP36020 Module

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