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Name Code Type
DAM3560 (Traethawd Hir Gwleidyddiaeth a Chymdeithas Cymru) DAM3560 Module
DSM3730 (Archives and Manuscripts : Content and Use) DSM3730 Module
EL10120 (Critical Thinking and Writing) EL10120 Module
GGM3560 (Welsh Politics and Society Dissertation) GGM3560 Module
HA10620 (Y Dirwasgiad Mawr: Hanes Cymharol America a Phrydain) HA10620 Module
HA10820 (Argyfwng, Gwrthryfel a Ffydd yn Ewrop C.1000-1540) HA10820 Module
HA12120 (Cyflwyno Hanes) HA12120 Module
HA13820 (Oes y Fictoriaid) HA13820 Module
HA20120 (Llunio Hanes) HA20120 Module
HA21820 (Concro’r Byd: Twf a Chwymp Ymerodraethau Prydain a Ffrainc) HA21820 Module
HA26620 (Menywod a’r Berthynas rhwng y Rhywiau ym Mhrydain, c.1800-1950) HA26620 Module
HA30120 (Llunio Hanes) HA30120 Module
HA36620 (Menywod a’r Berthynas rhwng y Rhywiau ym Mhrydain, c.1800-1950) HA36620 Module
HC11120 (Concwest, Uno a Hunaniaeth yng Nghymru 1250-1800) HC11120 Module
HC11520 (Cymru a'r Byd: Cysylltiadau a Dylanwadau 1860 - 2000) HC11520 Module
HC22220 (Gwrthdaro a Chydfodolaeth: Cymru o’r Normaniaid hyd Glyndŵr) HC22220 Module
HC22320 (Y Rhyfel Mawr trwy Lygaid y Cymry) HC22320 Module
HC23520 (Cymru a’r Tuduriaid) HC23520 Module
HC24420 (Cymdeithas Cymru Fodern 1868-1950) HC24420 Module
HC32220(Gwrthdaro a Chydfodolaeth: Cymru o'r Normaniaid hyd Glynd?r) HC32220 Module
HC33520 (Cymru a’r Tuduriaid) HC33520 Module
HC34420 (Cymdeithas Cymru Fodern 1868-1950) HC34420 Module
HP37420 (Bywyd a Gwaith ym Meysydd Glo Prydain, 1842-1914 (Rhan 1)) HP37420 Module
HP37520 (Bywyd a Gwaith ym Meysydd Glo Prydain, 1914-1948 (Rhan 2)) HP37520 Module
HQ33120(Ritual, kingship and power in Norman and Angevin England: methods, sources & actors (Part 1)) HQ33120 Module
HQ33220(Ritual, kingship and power in Norman and Angevin England: methods, sources & actors (Part 2)) HQ33220 Module
HQ34520 (The reign of Edward II, 1307-27 (Part 1)) HQ34520 Module
HQ34620 (The Reign of Edward II, 1307-27 (Part 2): Sources) HQ34620 Module
HQ35220(Gender in History: The Early Modern Experience (Part 1)) HQ35220 Module
HQ35320(Gender in History: The Early Modern Experience (Part 2)) HQ35320 Module
HQ35420 (The Irish in Britain, c.1815-70 (Part 1): Migration and Settlement) HQ35420 Module
HQ35520 (The irish in Britain, c. 1850-1922 (Part 2): Community and Conflict) HQ35520 Module
HQ37920(Stalin and Stalinism (Part 1)) HQ37920 Module
HQ38020(Stalin and Stalinism (Part 2)) HQ38020 Module
HQ38320(The Third Reich (Part 1): Building the Dictatorship. Regime and Society in Nazi Germany, 1933-1939) HQ38320 Module
HQ38420(The Third Reich (Part 2): War and the Holocaust, 1939-1945) HQ38420 Module
HQ38520(The Vietnam War (Part 1)) HQ38520 Module
HQ38620(The Vietnam War (Part 2)) HQ38620 Module
HY11920 (Stuart England: War, Political Crisis and Social Change 1629-1714) HY11920 Module
HY12020 (Russia since 1900) HY12020 Module
HY12120 (Introduction to History) HY12120 Module
HY12220 (Nationalism, Totalitarianism and Democratization: Czechoslov) HY12220 Module
HY12520 (Age of Magna Carta-England and Its Neighbours C1180-C1280) HY12520 Module
HY12620 (The Black Death) HY12620 Module
HY12720 (Three Queens and Their Subjects) HY12720 Module
HY13220 (Britain and the First World War) HY13220 Module
HY15220 (Modernity and the Making of Asia) HY15220 Module
HY15405 (Democracy and Development: Thai History and International Politics Summer Program) HY15405 Module
HY15620 (America: From Colony to Superpower) HY15620 Module
HY20120 (Making History) HY20120 Module
HY21020 (CHristendom and Beyond in medieval Europe) HY21020 Module
HY21720 (The Modern World) HY21720 Module
HY22020 (The British Isles in the Long Eighteenth Century) HY22020 Module
HY22720 (Investigating Georgian and Victorian Landscapes) HY22720 Module
HY23420 (History as myth-Making: the 'Myth of the Blitz') HY23420 Module
HY23720 (Image Wars in Southeast Asia: Studying 20th Century Propaganda) HY23720 Module
HY24420 (Seals in Their COntext in Medieval England and Wales) HY24420 Module
HY24620 (Exploring Nineteenth-Century Exhibitions) HY24620 Module
HY24820 (History on Screen: The Tudors and the Early Modern World) HY24820 Module
HY25420 (Concepts of Kingship in Europe, c.800-c.1250) HY25420 Module
HY25520 (Famine in Medieval England) HY25520 Module
HY25720 (The British Isles and the 'English Revolution') HY25720 Module
HY26520 (The European Reformation) HY26520 Module
HY26720 (War, Politics and People: England in Context in the Fourteenth Century) HY26720 Module
HY27120 (The Domestic Politics of US Foreign Policy) HY27120 Module
HY27520 (Media and Society in Twentieth Century Britain) HY27520 Module
HY28620 (Science, Religion and Magic) HY28620 Module
HY29320 (Culture, Society and the Victorians) HY29320 Module
HY29520 (The Soviet Union and the World, 1917-1991) HY29520 Module
HY29620 (Germany since 1945) HY29620 Module
HY29720 (The Atlantic World, 1492-1825) HY29720 Module
HY29820 (Modern Japan: From Samurai to Salary Men) HY29820 Module
HY35420 (Concepts of Kingship in Europe, c.800-c.1250) HY35420 Module
HY35520 (Famine in Medieval England) HY35520 Module
HY35720(The British Isles and the 'English Revolution') HY35720 Module
HY36520 (The European Reformation) HY36520 Module
HY36720(War, Famine and Plague: England in the Fourteenth Century) HY36720 Module
HY37120 (The Domestic Politics of Us Foreign Policy) HY37120 Module
HY37520 (Media and Society in Twentieth Century Britain) HY37520 Module
HY38620(Science, Religion and Magic) HY38620 Module
HY39320 (Culture, Society and the Victorians) HY39320 Module
HY39520(The Soviet Union and the World, 1917-1991) HY39520 Module
HY39620(Germany since 1945) HY39620 Module
HY39720(The Atlantic World, 1492-1825) HY39720 Module
HY39820 (Modern Japan: From Samurai to Salary Men) HY39820 Module
HYM1220 (Sources for Postgraduate Research in the Modern Humanities and Social Sciences) HYM1220 Module
HYM2020 (England in Context in the Long Thirteenth Century) HYM2020 Module
HYM2120 (Latin for Beginners) HYM2120 Module
HYM2220 (Texts that made the Middle Ages: advanced Latin reading for postgraduate students) HYM2220 Module
HYM2520 (History & Identity in the Age of Magna Carta: the World of Matthew Paris) HYM2520 Module
HYM2820 (Gerald of Wales) HYM2820 Module
HYM3120 (Political Power and the Media in Britain) HYM3120 Module
HYM3420 (The European Powers in the Age of World Wars) HYM3420 Module
HYM3720 (The Georgian Spa and Seaside Resort) HYM3720 Module
HYM5020 (Political Culture in Modern Britain, Europe and the Usa) HYM5020 Module
HYM5120 (Concepts and Sources in Heritage Studies) HYM5120 Module
HYM5220 (Heritage Organisations and the Presentation of the Past) HYM5220 Module
HYM5520 (The American Public, Washington and the World) HYM5520 Module
HYM5820 (Politics and Culture of the Cold War in Southeast Asia) HYM5820 Module
HYM6220 (Science, Place and Victorian Culture) HYM6220 Module
HYM7820(Understanding the Cold War) HYM7820 Module
HYM8020 (Media History: An Introduction) HYM8020 Module
HYM9920 (Working with History) HYM9920 Module
PGM0120 (Research Skills and Personal Development) PGM0120 Module
PGM0410 (Ways of Reading) PGM0410 Module
PGM1120 (Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis) PGM1120 Module
PGM1420 (Using Manuscript Sources for Medieval Studies; Palaeography, Diplomatic and Context) PGM1420 Module
PGM1710 (Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis) PGM1710 Module
PGM4120 (Research Skills and Personal Development (0120)) PGM4120 Module
WH11120 (Conquest, Union and Identity in Wales 1250-1800) WH11120 Module
WH11420 (Wales in An Age of Revolution, 1770-1850) WH11420 Module
WH22220 (Conflict and Coexistence: Wales from the Normans to Glyndŵr) WH22220 Module
WH23520 (Wales under the Tudors) WH23520 Module
WH24420 (Modern Welsh Society, 1868-1950) WH24420 Module
WH32220 (Conflict and Coexistence: Wales from the Normans to Glyndŵr) WH32220 Module
WH33520 (Wales under the Tudors) WH33520 Module
WH34420 (Modern Welsh Society, 1868-1950) WH34420 Module
WHM1120 (Landownership and Society in Wales) WHM1120 Module
WHM1220 (Class and Community in Wales 1850 - 1939) WHM1220 Module
WHM1920 (The Making of Modern Wales) WHM1920 Module

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