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Name Code Type
DA10520 (Newid a gwrthdaro: Cynhyrchu gofodau gwledig a threfol) DA10520 Module
DA10610 (Amgylcheddau Wyneb y Ddaear) DA10610 Module
DA10810 (Newid Hinsawdd) DA10810 Module
DA10910 (Methodoleg Maes Amgylcheddol) DA10910 Module
DA11020 (Byw gyda newid byd-eang) DA11020 Module
DA11110 (Cofnod Daearegol Bywyd ar y Ddaear) DA11110 Module
DA20110 (Tiwtorial Gwyddor Amgylchedd yr Ail Flwyddyn) DA20110 Module
DA20510 (Ymchwilio i bobl a lle) DA20510 Module
DA22110 (Tiwtorial Daearyddiaeth Lefel 2) DA22110 Module
DA22510 (Geomorffoleg Afonol) DA22510 Module
DA22810 (Daearberyglon) DA22810 Module
DA28720 (Lleoli Gwleidyddiaeth) DA28720 Module
DA31720 (Rheoli'r Amgylchedd Gymreig) DA31720 Module
DA32220 (Daearyddiaethau Cenedlaetholdeb) DA32220 Module
DA34040 (Traethawd Estynedig Daearyddiaeth) DA34040 Module
DA34220 (Prosiect Daearyddiaeth Anrhydedd Cyfun/Prif Bwnc) DA34220 Module
EAM2920 (Remote Sensing Issues) EAM2920 Module
EAM3620 (Skills in Remote Sensing) EAM3620 Module
EAM3820 (Applied Geospatial Skills in Industry) EAM3820 Module
EAM4020 (Fundamentals of Remote Sensing and GIS) EAM4020 Module
EAM4120 (Environmental Change: a Palaeo Perspective) EAM4120 Module
EAM4320 (Global Climate Change: Debates and Impacts) EAM4320 Module
EAM4420 (Risk Management and Resilience in a Changing Environment) EAM4420 Module
EAM5120 (Advanced Skills in Remote Sensing) EAM5120 Module
EAM5220 (Advanced Skills in Geographic Information Systems) EAM5220 Module
GGM1320 (Human Geography Theory and Method) GGM1320 Module
GGM3120 (Key Concepts and Debates in Human Geography) GGM3120 Module
GS00120 (Foundation - Dialogue) GS00120 Module
GS00220 (Foundation - Learning experience 1) GS00220 Module
GS00320 (Learning experience 2) GS00320 Module
GS10220 (Conflict and Change: the making of urban and rural spaces) GS10220 Module
GS10310 (The Geological Record of Life on Earth) GS10310 Module
GS10410 (Global Ecology and Soil Systems) GS10410 Module
GS10610 (Earth Surface Environments) GS10610 Module
GS10810 (Climate Change: Impacts, Perceptions, Adaptations) GS10810 Module
GS11020 (Living with Global Change) GS11020 Module
GS11710 (The Dynamic Earth) GS11710 Module
GS11810 (The Geological Evolution of the British Isles) GS11810 Module
GS11910 (First Year Environmental Earth Science Tutorial) GS11910 Module
GS12210 (The Atmosphere and the Water Cycle) GS12210 Module
GS12410 (Fieldwork Skills) GS12410 Module
GS12520 (An introduction to Earth Materials) GS12520 Module
GS13020 (Researching the World: data collection and analysis) GS13020 Module
GS14220 (Power, Place, Identity and Politics) GS14220 Module
GS15120 (Understanding Sameness and Difference) GS15120 Module
GS16120 (Key Concepts in Sociology) GS16120 Module
GS17120 (Researching the Social World) GS17120 Module
GS20320 (Environmental Science Fieldwork) GS20320 Module
GS20410 (Concepts for Geographers) GS20410 Module
GS20510 (Researching People and Place) GS20510 Module
GS21010 (Chemical Analysis of Natural Materials) GS21010 Module
GS21820 (Field Skills) GS21820 Module
GS21910 (Reconstructing Past Environments) GS21910 Module
GS22010 (Physical Analysis of Natural Materials) GS22010 Module
GS22110 (Level 2 Geography Tutorial) GS22110 Module
GS22210 (Second Year Environmental Earth Science Tutorial) GS22210 Module
GS22620 (Advanced Earth Materials) GS22620 Module
GS22720 (Fundamentals of Geochemistry) GS22720 Module
GS22810 (Geohazards) GS22810 Module
GS23110 (Earth Resources and Environmental Impacts) GS23110 Module
GS23510 (The Frozen Planet) GS23510 Module
GS23710 (Geographical Information Systems) GS23710 Module
GS23810 (Quantitative Analysis of Geographical Data) GS23810 Module
GS25110 (Environmental Science Tutorial Level 2) GS25110 Module
GS25210 (Catchment Systems) GS25210 Module
GS28520 (Placing Culture) GS28520 Module
GS28720 (Placing Politics) GS28720 Module
GS28910 (Geographical Perspectives on the Sustainable Society) GS28910 Module
GS29420 (Wales Fieldtrip) GS29420 Module
GS30120 (Environmental Geochemistry) GS30120 Module
GS30420 (Volcanic Activity: Hazards and Environmental Change) GS30420 Module
GS31030 (Pollution in the Arctic (UNIS)) GS31030 Module
GS32020 (Earth Observation from Satellites and Aircraft) GS32020 Module
GS32430 (Arctic Marine Geology (UNIS)) GS32430 Module
GS32820 (Geographical Information Systems) GS32820 Module
GS33120 (Palaeoenvironmental Change Beyond the Ice Sheets) GS33120 Module
GS33220 (The Great Ice Sheets) GS33220 Module
GS33420 (Processes in Glacial Environments) GS33420 Module
GS33720 (People, Climate and Environment: a Palaeoenvironmental Perspective) GS33720 Module
GS34040 (Geography Dissertation) GS34040 Module
GS34220 (Geography Joint Honours/Major Project) GS34220 Module
GS35140 (Independent Project for Environmental Earth Science) GS35140 Module
GS35240 (Environmental Science Dissertation) GS35240 Module
GS35320 (Environmental Earth Science Level 3 Fieldwork) GS35320 Module
GS35420 (Geotechnical Site Investigation) GS35420 Module
GS36220 (Landscapes of British Modernity) GS36220 Module
GS36820 (Geographies of the Global Countryside) GS36820 Module
GS37520 (Urban Risk and Environmental Resilience) GS37520 Module
GS37920 (Geographies of Memory) GS37920 Module
GS38420 (World Regional Islam) GS38420 Module
GS39120 (Contemporary Global Migration) GS39120 Module
GSS0260 (Work Placement) GSS0260 Module
GSS0360 (Work Placement) GSS0360 Module
PGM1120 (Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis) PGM1120 Module
PGM1710 (Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis) PGM1710 Module
PGM4120 (Research Skills and Personal Development (0120)) PGM4120 Module
PGM4420 (Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis (1120)) PGM4420 Module
SA30140 (Social Science Dissertation) SA30140 Module

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