Sport & Exercise Science

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Name Code Type
SS21120 (Biomechanical Analysis) SS21120 Module
SS22120 (Sport & Exercise Physiology) SS22120 Module
SS23120 (Sport & Exercise Psychology) SS23120 Module
SS25110 (Work Experience) SS25110 Module
SS25310 (Applied & Integrated Studies 1) SS25310 Module
SS25410 (Skills for the Sport & Exercise Scientist 2) SS25410 Module
SS25510 (Sport and Exercise Medicine) SS25510 Module
SS29220 (Research in Sport & Exercise Science ii) SS29220 Module
SS31120 (Advanced Biomechanics) SS31120 Module
SS32220 (Physiology of Training and Performance Enhancement) SS32220 Module
SS32320 (Exercise Management in Health and Chronic Disease) SS32320 Module
SS32620 (Sport & Exercise Nutrition) SS32620 Module
SS33720 (Applied Sport Psychology) SS33720 Module
SS39540 (Research Dissertation) SS39540 Module

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