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EAM2920 (Remote Sensing Issues) EAM2920 Module
FG05720(Cyflwyniad i Ffiseg Labordy) FG05720 Module
FG11010 (Ffiseg Glasurol) FG11010 Module
FG11120 (Grymoedd Natur) FG11120 Module
FG12910(Cynllunio Gyrfa a Datblygu Sgiliau Ffiseg) FG12910 Module
FG15510 (Ffiseg Labordy) FG15510 Module
FG15720 (Cyflwyniad i Ffiseg Arbrofol a Chyfrifiadurol) FG15720 Module
FG16210(Algebra a Hafaliadau Differol) FG16210 Module
FG22510 (Trydan a Magnetedd) FG22510 Module
FG25720 (Sgiliau Ymchwil Ymarferol) FG25720 Module
FG26020 (Ffiseg Mathemategol) FG26020 Module
FG35410 (Ffiseg Arbrofol (10 Credyd)) FG35410 Module
FG35620 (Prosiect (20 Credyd)) FG35620 Module
FG37040 (Prosiect (gyda rheoli prosiect)) FG37040 Module
FG37540 (Prosiect (40 Credyd)) FG37540 Module
FGM4410 (Cyfathrebu Pynciau Mewn Ffiseg) FGM4410 Module
FGM5920 (Prosiect Llai) FGM5920 Module
MP12910 (Career Planning and Skills Development) MP12910 Module
MT12910 (Cynllunio Gyrfa a Datblygu Sgiliau) MT12910 Module
MT21510 (Dadansoddiad Cymhlyg) MT21510 Module
PGM2010 (Research Skills in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science) PGM2010 Module
PH01010 (Introduction to Physical Forces) PH01010 Module
PH02010 (Introduction to Oscillations and Waves) PH02010 Module
PH02510 (Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism) PH02510 Module
PH03010 (Introduction to the Physics of Matter) PH03010 Module
PH05720(Introduction to Laboratory Physics) PH05720 Module
PH06020 (Introduction to Mathematical Methods for Physicists 1) PH06020 Module
PH06520 (Introduction to Mathematical Methods for Physicists 2) PH06520 Module
PH11010 (Classical Physics) PH11010 Module
PH11120 (Forces of Nature) PH11120 Module
PH12910(Physics Career Planning and Skills Development) PH12910 Module
PH14310 (Modern Physics) PH14310 Module
PH15510 (Laboratory Physics) PH15510 Module
PH15720 (Introduction to Computational and Experimental Physics) PH15720 Module
PH16210(Algebra and Differential Equations) PH16210 Module
PH18010 ( Astronomy) PH18010 Module
PH19010 (Energy and the Environment) PH19010 Module
PH19510 (Chaos, Communications and Consciousness) PH19510 Module
PH21510 (Thermal Physics) PH21510 Module
PH22010 (Optics) PH22010 Module
PH22510 (Electricity and Magnetism) PH22510 Module
PH23010 (Principles of Quantum Mechanics) PH23010 Module
PH24520 (Instrumentation Systems) PH24520 Module
PH24610 (Stars) PH24610 Module
PH25720 (Practical Research Skills) PH25720 Module
PH26620 (Numerical Techniques for Physicists) PH26620 Module
PH28510 (The Planets) PH28510 Module
PH32410 (Condensed Matter 1) PH32410 Module
PH33020 (Particles, Quanta and Fields) PH33020 Module
PH33310 (Engineering Control Theory) PH33310 Module
PH33510(Condensed Matter Structure Determination) PH33510 Module
PH33610 (Semiconductor Physics) PH33610 Module
PH33810 (Condensed Matter 2) PH33810 Module
PH34410 (Teaching Physics Through Work Experience in School) PH34410 Module
PH34510 (Optronics) PH34510 Module
PH34610 (Galaxies) PH34610 Module
PH34710 (Cosmology) PH34710 Module
PH37040 (Project (with project management)) PH37040 Module
PH38210 (Professional Skills in Engineering) PH38210 Module
PH38310 (Interior of the Sun) PH38310 Module
PH38410 (The Solar Atmosphere & Heliosphere) PH38410 Module
PH38510 (Planetary Neutral Atmospheres) PH38510 Module
PH39510 (Ionospheres & Magnetospheres) PH39510 Module
PH39710 (Space Plasmas) PH39710 Module
PHM2510 (Electromagnetic Theory) PHM2510 Module
PHM3010 (Quantum Physics 2) PHM3010 Module
PHM4410 (Communicating Topics in Physics) PHM4410 Module
PHM6610 (Advanced Numerical Methods) PHM6610 Module
PHS0160 (Year In Industry) PHS0160 Module
PM14010 (Classical Dynamics) PM14010 Module
PM26020 (Mathematical Physics) PM26020 Module

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