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Name Code Type
AB01320 (Economics, Finance and Accounting for Business) AB01320 Module
AB05120 (Foundations of Management and Marketing) AB05120 Module
AB11120 (Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance) AB11120 Module
AB11220 (Accounting and Finance for Specialists) AB11220 Module
AB13120 (Understanding the Economy) AB13120 Module
AB13220 (Economic Theory and Policy) AB13220 Module
AB15120 (Fundamentals of Management and Business) AB15120 Module
AB15220 (Data Analytics) AB15220 Module
AB17120 (Marketing Principles and Contemporary Practice) AB17120 Module
AB19120 (Principles of Tourism Management) AB19120 Module
AB21220 (Intermediate Management Accounting) AB21220 Module
AB39120 (Sustainable Tourism) AB39120 Module
AB39420 (Activity Certification 2) AB39420 Module
ABM1120 (Financial Analysis and Decision Making) ABM1120 Module
ABM1220 (International Financial Markets and Investments) ABM1220 Module
ABM1320 (Advanced Corporate Finance) ABM1320 Module
ABM1420 (Financial Research Methods) ABM1420 Module
ABM1520 (Banking and Financial Intermediation) ABM1520 Module
ABM1620 (Portfolio Analysis and Management) ABM1620 Module
ABM1720 (Financial Econometrics) ABM1720 Module
ABM1820 (International Finance and Capital Markets) ABM1820 Module
ABM1960 (Dissertation) ABM1960 Module
ABM3120 (Business Economics) ABM3120 Module
ABM3220 (International Business Environment) ABM3220 Module
ABM5220 (International Strategy and Operations) ABM5220 Module
ABM5320 (People and Organizations) ABM5320 Module
ABM5420 (Corporate Governance and Sustainability) ABM5420 Module
ABM7120 (Marketing Managment Strategy) ABM7120 Module
ABM7220 (Global Marketing) ABM7220 Module
AC10510 (Introduction to Management Accounting) AC10510 Module
AC10710 (Introduction to Financial Management) AC10710 Module
AC11020 (Financial Accounting 1) AC11020 Module
AC12220 (Quantitative Skills and Methods) AC12220 Module
AC30320 (Management Accounting 3) AC30320 Module
AC30420 (Investments and Financial Instruments) AC30420 Module
AC30520 (Corporate Finance and Financial Markets) AC30520 Module
AC30920 (Financial Accounting 3) AC30920 Module
AC31720 (The Role and Practice of Auditing) AC31720 Module
AC32520 (Taxation) AC32520 Module
AC32920 (Financial Accounting 2) AC32920 Module
AC33010(Financial Strategy) AC33010 Module
AC33120 (Management Accounting 2) AC33120 Module
AC34120 (Corporate Governance, Risk and Ethics) AC34120 Module
ACM2020 (Financial Assets and Markets) ACM2020 Module
ACM2520 (Modern Banking: Theory and Practice) ACM2520 Module
ACM2820 (Comparative Corporate Governance) ACM2820 Module
CB15120 (Hanfodion Rheolaeth a Busnes) CB15120 Module
CB17120 (Egwyddorion Marchnata ac Ymarfer Cyfoes) CB17120 Module
CB38020 (Sgiliau Cyflogadwyedd ar gyfer Gweithwyr Proffesiynol) CB38020 Module
CT36620 (Sgiliau Cyflogadwyedd ar gyfer Gweithwyr Proffesiynol) CT36620 Module
EC10120 (Economic Principles and Skills 1) EC10120 Module
EC10320 (Economic Principles and Skills 2) EC10320 Module
EC10510 (Economic Principles 1) EC10510 Module
EC10610 (Economic Principles 2) EC10610 Module
EC10910 (Statistics for Economists) EC10910 Module
EC12520(Economic Policy) EC12520 Module
EC30220 (Intermediate Microeconomics; Consumers and Producers) EC30220 Module
EC30320 (Macroeconomic Behaviour and Systems) EC30320 Module
EC30920 (Introduction to Econometrics) EC30920 Module
EC31020 (Advanced Topics in Microeconomics) EC31020 Module
EC31120 (Advanced Topics in Macroeconomics) EC31120 Module
EC31320 (Economics of Labour and Industrial Relations) EC31320 Module
EC31720 (Development and Transition Economics) EC31720 Module
EC31920 (Industrial Organisation and Policy) EC31920 Module
EC32020 (Advanced Econometrics) EC32020 Module
EC32120 (European and International Monetary Systems) EC32120 Module
EC32320 (Independent Research Project) EC32320 Module
EC32520 (The Business Cycle and Macroeconomic Policy) EC32520 Module
EC33120 (International Trade and Trade Policy) EC33120 Module
ECM1020 (Research Methods in Finance) ECM1020 Module
ECM2220 (International Finance and Capital Markets) ECM2220 Module
ECM3020 (Emerging Financial Markets) ECM3020 Module
MBM9160 (Dissertation) MBM9160 Module
MBM9260 (Managerial Reports) MBM9260 Module
MM10120 (Marketing Principles) MM10120 Module
MM10520 (Creative Marketing) MM10520 Module
MM11020 (Introduction to Management) MM11020 Module
MM11220 (Business Environment) MM11220 Module
MM11420 (Managing Finance) MM11420 Module
MM11520 (Management and Marketing Skills and Analysis) MM11520 Module
MM19010 (Tourism Principles and Impacts) MM19010 Module
MM19120 (The Tourism System) MM19120 Module
MM19210 (Contemporary Case Studies in Tourism) MM19210 Module
MM30120 (Marketing Management) MM30120 Module
MM30220 (Applied Marketing Management) MM30220 Module
MM30320 (Strategic Marketing) MM30320 Module
MM30420 (International Marketing) MM30420 Module
MM30520 (Marketing Communications) MM30520 Module
MM30620 (Advanced Marketing Seminar) MM30620 Module
MM31420 (Consumer Behaviour) MM31420 Module
MM32220 (Small Business Management) MM32220 Module
MM33120 (Organisational Behaviour) MM33120 Module
MM33220 (Firms, Markets and Pricing) MM33220 Module
MM33520 (Human Resource Management) MM33520 Module
MM33620 (Operations and Innovation Management) MM33620 Module
MM33920 (Management Research Methods) MM33920 Module
MM34020 (Business Strategy) MM34020 Module
MM34220 (Business Leadership and Corporate Responsibility) MM34220 Module
MM34520 (Contemporary Research in Management) MM34520 Module
MM35020 (Research Project in Management, Business and Marketing) MM35020 Module
MM36020 (Business to Business Marketing) MM36020 Module
MM36620 (Branding) MM36620 Module
MM38020 (Work Experience) MM38020 Module
MM39020 (Adventure Tourism) MM39020 Module
MM39120 (Destination and Attraction Management) MM39120 Module
MM39220 (International Tourism in Practice) MM39220 Module
MM39420 (Tourism Marketing) MM39420 Module
MM39520 (Sustainable Tourism) MM39520 Module
MM39620 (Tourism Development and Planning) MM39620 Module
MM39720 (Activity Certification) MM39720 Module
MMM1020(Marketing and Strategy for Managers) MMM1020 Module
MMM1120(Ethics, Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility in Organisations) MMM1120 Module
MMM1320(Business Economics) MMM1320 Module
MMM5720 (Leading Change) MMM5720 Module
MMM5820 (Coaching and Mentoring for Leaders) MMM5820 Module
MMM5920(Facilitation for Organisation Leadership) MMM5920 Module
MMM7120 (Financial Analysis and Decision Making) MMM7120 Module
MMM7220 (People and Organisations) MMM7220 Module
MMM7420 (Implementation Delivery and Development) MMM7420 Module
MMM7620 (Investments, Corporate Finance and Financial Markets) MMM7620 Module
MMM7720 (Marketing for Managers) MMM7720 Module
MMM7820 (International Business) MMM7820 Module
MMM8860 (Application and Integration (Management and Tourism Management)) MMM8860 Module
MMM9360 (Management Reports for Business and Public Policy) MMM9360 Module
MMM9460 (Application and Integration (Management)) MMM9460 Module
MMM9560 (Application and Integration (International Business)) MMM9560 Module
MMM9660 (Application and Integration (Management and Finance)) MMM9660 Module
MMM9760 (Application and Integration (Management and Marketing)) MMM9760 Module
MMM9860 (Application and Integration (Management and Corporate Leadership)) MMM9860 Module
MMM9960 (Application and Integration (Management and Digital Business)) MMM9960 Module
MR10120(Egwyddorion Marchnata) MR10120 Module
MR10520 (Cyflwyniad i Rheolaeth) MR10520 Module
MR10620 (Cyflwyniad i'r Amgylchedd Busnes) MR10620 Module
MR30320 (Marchnata Strategol) MR30320 Module
MR30420 (Marchnata Rhyngwladol) MR30420 Module
MR30720 (Rheolaeth Marchnata) MR30720 Module
MR31420 (Ymddygiad Defnyddwyr) MR31420 Module
MR32220(Rheoli Busnesau Bychain) MR32220 Module
MR33120(Ymddygiad Sefydliadol) MR33120 Module
MR33520 (Rheolaeth Adnoddau Dynol) MR33520 Module
MR33620(Rheoli Gweithrediadau ac Arloesedd) MR33620 Module
MR33920 (Dulliau Ymchwil) MR33920 Module
MR34020 (Strategaeth Busnes) MR34020 Module
MR35020 (Prosiect Ymchwil Mewn Rheolaeth, Busnes a Marchnata) MR35020 Module
MR39120 (Rheoli Cyrchfannau ac Atyniadau) MR39120 Module
PGM1910 (Leadership for Researchers) PGM1910 Module
PGM4610 (Leadership for Researchers) PGM4610 Module

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