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Name Code Type
PDM0120 (Leading in Universities / Leading for Professionals) PDM0120 Module
XA00605 (Natural History Illustration: Mosses, Liverworts and Lichens) XA00605 Module
XA01505 (Natural History Illustration: Shells) XA01505 Module
XA14110 (Drawing from Observation: The Art of Looking) XA14110 Module
XA14210 (Making Pictures: The Tricks of the Trade) XA14210 Module
XE12410 (Poetry Writing 2) XE12410 Module
XE17310 (Philosophy and the Pantheon approach) XE17310 Module
XE18310 (Outlaws in Medieval England and Wales) XE18310 Module
XE19310 (Archaeology and Anthropology of Death & Burial) XE19310 Module
XK13110 (Design Through Batik) XK13110 Module
XM11905 (An introduction to Family History Sources at the National Library of Wales) XM11905 Module
XM12010 (Reading the Prize-Winners) XM12010 Module
XM16810 (Words That Run with Wolves 1: Illustrating and Writing Creatively for Children) XM16810 Module
XM17010 (Words That Run with Wolves 2) XM17010 Module
XM18410 (Local History 1) XM18410 Module
XM19010 (Local History 2) XM19010 Module
XN16505 (Understanding Addiction) XN16505 Module
XS11210 (Identification and Ecology of Waxcap Grassland Fungi) XS11210 Module
XS15110 (Migrant Breeding Birds) XS15110 Module
XS17110 (Plants in Their Habitats) XS17110 Module
XS18410 (Ferns and Fern Allies: Identification, Evolution and Their Role in Victorian Life) XS18410 Module
XS20510 (Principles of Habitat Restoration and Creation) XS20510 Module
XS22710 (A Guide to Environmental Impact Assessment) XS22710 Module
XS27310 (Plants in their habitats (Level 2)) XS27310 Module
XS29610 (Conservation Strategies - Principles and Practice) XS29610 Module
XS29910 (Marine Life and Conservation in Cardigan Bay) XS29910 Module

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