This list relates to the semester Semester One 2017-2018 which ended on 28/01/2018
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  1. Essential Reading 9 items
    See below for further reading and weekly readings
    1. Language and power - Norman Fairclough 2014

      Book Essential A key text on Critical Discourse Analysis: a core approach which you will use during the module.

    2. An introduction to discourse analysis: theory and method - James Paul Gee 2014

      Book Essential A key text on Gee's approach to discourse analysis which you will use throughout the module.

    3. Multimodal discourse: the modes and media of contemporary communication - Gunther Kress, Theo van Leeuwen 2001

      Book Essential You will be expected to use multimodal analysis throughout the module.

    4. How to do discourse analysis: a toolkit - James Paul Gee 2014

      Book Essential

    5. Introduction to multimodal analysis - David Machin 2007

      Book Essential

    6. Discourse analysis: an introduction - Brian Paltridge 2012

      Book Essential A good overview of discourse analysis without being tied to a particualr approach.

    7. Discourse: the basics - Angela Goddard, Neil Carey 2017

      Book Essential This book is an excellent introduction to discourse. It provides useful explanations when read alongside Fairclough and Gee.

    8. Discourse analysis: from grammar to society - James Paul Gee 2017

      Book Essential

    9. A beginner's guide to discourse analysis - Sean Sutherland 2016

      Book Essential This book is an excellent basic introdution. Use it with the key theoretical texts by Fairclough and Gee.

  2. Readings for week 2 2 items
    Read these two sections and make a note of any questions you have.
    1. What is discourse analysis?

      Chapter Essential Read Chapter 1, pp. 1-14.

    2. Introduction

      Chapter Essential Read Chapter 2, pp. 17-29.

  3. Reading for week 3 2 items
    1. Fantasies of empowerment: mapping neoliberal discourse in the coalition government’s schools policy - Adam Wright 05/2012

      Article Further reading An example of the analysis of discourses of marketization.

    2. The units of language analysis - Lise Fontaine

      Chapter Essential Read Chapter 2, pp. 16-36

  4. Further reading 6 items
    1. Critical discourse analysis: the critical study of language - Norman Fairclough 2010

      Book Further reading

    2. Literacy and power - Hilary Janks 2010

      Book Further reading

    3. An introduction to discourse analysis: theory and method - James Paul Gee 2014 (electronic resource)

      Book Further reading

    4. An introduction to critical discourse analysis in education - Rebecca Rogers 2011

      Book Further reading

    5. Textual interaction: an introduction to written discourse analysis - Michael Hoey 2001

      Book Further reading

    6. Analysing English grammar: a systemic functional introduction - Lise Fontaine 2013

      Book Essential

  5. Further reading for Week 3 3 items
  6. Week 4 Readings 2 items
    Critiques of CDA
    1. Methods of critical discourse analysis - Ruth Wodak, Michael Meyer, ebrary, Inc 2001 (electronic resource)

      Book Further reading

    2. Critical Discourse Analysis in Education: A Review of the Literature - Rebecca Rogers, Elizabeth Malancharuvil-Berkes, Melissa Mosley, Diane Hui and Glynis O'Garro Joseph 2005

      Article Further reading

  7. Week 6 2 items
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