1. Core Texts 8 items
    1. The new roadmap for creating online courses: an interactive workbook - Catherine R. Barber, Janet K. McCollum, Wendy L. Maboudian 2020

      Book Essential This 2020 book covers a wide range of issues for creating online or blended learning modules.

    2. Just-In-Time Teaching Guide - Center for Educational Effectiveness UC Davis 2020

      Webpage Essential Download the whole teaching guide in PDF form. It is a great resource collection that you can use as a starting point for investigations on particular topics, especially good when planning your action research projects.

    3. Developing your teaching: towards excellence - Peter Kahn, Lorraine Anderson 2019 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential This is a 2019 edition that addresses current issues in teaching in HE. Chapter 8 is directly relevant to action research and has some excellent case studies. Chapter 4 is helpful for working with students as partners. Chapter 2 examines the evidence that supports informed choices about teaching practices.

    4. A handbook for teaching and learning in higher education: enhancing academic practice 2020

      Book Essential This resource collection is organised by theme. It includes an overview of each topic, short case studies, questions for reflection, and a list of further reading. It is a good first port of call when seeking pedagogical literature.

    5. Assessment and feedback in higher education: a guide for teachers - Teresa McConlogue

      Book Essential This 2020 publication gives a clear picture of current pedagogical thinking about best practice in assessment and feedback.

    6. Enhancing teaching practice in higher education 2016

      Book Essential This resource collection is organised by theme. It includes an overview of each topic, short case studies, questions for reflection, and a list of further reading. It is a good first port of call when seeking pedagogical literature.

    7. The lecturer's toolkit: a practical guide to assessment, learning and teaching - Philip Race 2020

      Book Essential This updated edition of Phil Race's seminal work covers a wide range of useful topics that new teaching staff need to know.

  2. Journals 5 items
    1. Educational Action Research

      Journal Further reading This journal has good articles about educational action research.

    2. Educational psychology review ©1989-

      Journal Further reading This journal has many articles of interest for our module.

    3. International Journal for Students as Partners

      Journal Further reading This is an open access journal about various ways that the students as partners ethos can be implemented, supporting active learning

    4. Teaching & learning inquiry - International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 2013-

      Journal Further reading

  3. Reflective Practice 8 items
    1. Double Loop Learning in Organizations - Chris Argyris

      Article Further reading This article is part of Argyris' early work on double-loop learning and reflective practice.

    2. Reasons and rationalizations: the limits to organizational knowledge - Chris Argyris 2004 (electronic resource)

      Book Further reading Argyris is the scholar who first described double-loop learning, a key principle in reflective practice. Although he talks about learning within organisations, the principle applies to students in universities as well as our own professional practice as educators.

    3. Reflective Teaching in Higher Education - Paul Ashwin, David Boud, Susanna Calkins, Kelly Coate 2020

      Book Further reading

    4. Teaching and learning through reflective practice: a practical guide for positive action - Tony Ghaye 2011

      Book Further reading

    5. Reflection in learning & professional development: theory & practice - Jennifer A. Moon 2008

      Book Further reading

    6. Learning journals: a handbook for reflective practice and professional development - Jennifer A. Moon 2006

      Book Further reading

    7. The reflective practitioner: how professionals think in action - Donald A. Schön 1991 (various printings)

      Book Further reading This is one of the key seminal works about reflective practice. Schon focusses on what professionals do. This book is highly recommended as a starting point for reading about reflective practice, a core principle in our study scheme.

    8. Educating the reflective practitioner: toward a new design for teaching and learning in the professions - Donald A. Schön 1987 (various printings)

      Book Further reading

  4. Active Learning 13 items
    1. Designing for Student Retention The ICEBERG model and key design tips - Jitse van Ameijde, Martin Weller, Simon Cross 2015

      Document Further reading This guide from Open University includes a useful model for designing learning.

    2. An update on Active Blended Learning at the University of Northampton | Alejandro Armellini - Alejandro Armellini 17/07/2019

      Webpage Further reading Ale Armellini was the keynote speaker at the September 2020 AU Learning and Teaching Conference. This is his blog post about Active Blended Learning.

    3. Classroom Assessment Techniques. A Handbook for Faculty. - Thomas A. Angelo, K. Patricia Cross 1988/09/00

      Book Further reading This is the seminal collection of classroom assessment techniques, which embody an active learning approach.

    4. Active Learning: Creating Excitement in the Classroom - Charles C. Bonwell, James A. Eison 1991

      Book Essential This is the seminal work that lays out the definition of active learning, and provides a large number of ways it can be applied. Although the book is old, the information is still relevant and it is the key source cited by contemporary scholars on active learning.

    5. Make it stick: the science of successful learning - Peter C. Brown, Henry L. Roediger, Mark A. McDaniel 2014

      Book Further reading This book is aimed at both students and staff, and includes techniques we can use to help our students retain the information we teach.

    6. Student engagement: identity, motivation and community - Liam Burns, Craig Mahoney 2013, ©2013

      Book Further reading

    7. Correcting a metacognitive error: Feedback increases retention of low-confidence correct responses - Butler, Andrew CKarpicke, Jeffrey DRoediger, Henry L., III Jul 2008

      Article Further reading

    8. Peer observation of teaching: A decoupled process - John Martyn Chamberlain, Meriel D’Artrey, Deborah-Anne Rowe 11/2011

      Article Further reading

    9. Engaging students as partners in learning and teaching: a guide for faculty - Alison Cook-Sather, Catherine Bovill, Peter Felten, Michael Cook 2014, ©2014

      Book Further reading This is the seminal work on Students as Partners, a major movement in UK higher education that involves students actively in learning and teaching.

    10. Improving Students’ Learning With Effective Learning Techniques - John Dunlosky, Katherine A. Rawson, Elizabeth J. Marsh, Mitchell J. Nathan 01/2013

      Article Further reading Useful metastudy of methods for learning and teaching. Shows what works and what doesn't, based on evidence from cognitive science. Key message is that the methods students favour are not always the most effective ones for retaining information.

    11. Retrieval practice: research and resources for every classroom - Kate Jones 2019

      Book Further reading This book is aimed at primary and secondary teachers but equally applicable to higher education.

    12. Handbook for Student Engagement in Higher Education - Tom Lowe, Yassein El Hakim 2020

      Book Further reading The 2020 book is written by leading scholars in the field of working with students as partners

    13. POGIL: an introduction to process oriented guided inquiry learning for those who wish to empower learners 2019, ©2019

      Book Further reading A particular approach to active learning in which students engage in inquiry in small groups.

  5. Action Research 4 items
    1. Effective action research: developing reflective thinking and practice - Patrick J. M. Costello, John Costello c2011 (electronic resource)

      Book Further reading

    2. Action research: principles and practice - Jean McNiff 2013

      Book Further reading Use this 2013 edition.

    3. “We need to change what we’re doing.” Using pedagogic action research to improve teacher management of exemplars - Kay Sambell 2020

      Article Further reading This 2020 article is a report from a robust action research project in the field of education. It is a good example to show you how action research in teaching practice can be carried out.

  6. Assessment and Feedback 2 items
    1. Enhancing teaching through constructive alignment - John Biggs 1996

      Article Further reading This is the seminal article about constructive alignment.

    2. The lecturer's toolkit: a practical guide to assessment, learning and teaching - Philip Race 2007

      Book Further reading This is a sound overview by one of the leading scholars in the field. It covers various approaches to teaching and is well-grounded in the key theories and evidence-based practice in higher education.

  7. What is assessment for learning? - Dylan Wiliam 2011-3

    Article Further reading

  8. Designing Effective Feedback Processes in Higher Education: A Learning-Focused Approach - Naomi Winstone, David Carless 2019

    Book Further reading This is a 2019 publication by two leading scholars presenting the most current thinking about how to give feedback effectively to help students learn.

  9. Technology-enhanced Learning 2 items
    1. Brave New Digital Classroom: Technology and Foreign Language Learning - Robert J. Blake c2008 (electronic resource)

      Book Further reading This book is useful for any language teachers.

    2. Intentional tech: principles to guide the use of educational technology in college teaching - Derek Bruff 2019

      Book Further reading This 2019 book explores current thinking about how to use technology in a way that is pedagogically-sound and helps students to learn.

  10. Teaching Online: A Guide to Theory, Research, and Practice - Claire Howell Major 2015

    Book Further reading This book gives a good overview of the pedagogy of online teaching.

  11. Practical Teaching and How Students Learn 25 items
    1. Powerful Teaching - Pooja K. Agarwal, Patrice M. Bain Jun 05, 2019 (hardcover)

      Book Further reading This book has useful advice you can use yourself and share with your students to help them learn.

    2. How learning works: seven research-based principles for smart teaching - Susan A. Ambrose, Susan A. Ambrose 2010 (electronic resource)

      Book Further reading

    3. Bloom’s Taxonomy | Center for Teaching | Vanderbilt University - P. Armstrong

      Webpage Further reading Good collection of resources about Bloom's taxonomy, original and revised versions

    4. Taxonomy of educational objectives: the classification of educational goals, Handbook 1: Cognitive domain - Benjamin S. Bloom 1956

      Book Further reading This is the seminal work that lays out Bloom's taxonomy.

    5. Universal Design for Learning: The UDL Guidelines - CAST

      Webpage Further reading This interactive website allows you to explore the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

    6. Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education - A. W. Chickering, Z. F. Gamson

      Document Further reading This is a seminal article that lays out principles of good practice in learning and teaching. Contemporary scholars frequently cite this article.

    7. Mindset - Carol S. Dweck 2017

      Book Further reading This is the seminal work on growth versus fixed mindset.

    8. 10 mindframes for visible learning: teaching for success - John Hattie, Klaus Zierer 2018

      Book Further reading Hattie's concept of visible learning is based on an extensive metastudy that he carried out, with further research building on it. Visible Learning is about how we can know that students actually learn. His other articles and books are also excellent.

    9. Visible learning for teachers: maximizing impact on learning - John Hattie 2012

      Book Further reading This is John Hattie's extensive meta-study on visible learning, which forms the basis of his subsequent work.

    10. Stop talking, start influencing: 12 insights from brain science to make your message stick - Jared Cooney Horvath 2019

      Book Further reading This book discusses the cognitive science behind effective learning and teaching, as well as general communication.

    11. A Revision of Bloom's Taxonomy: An Overview - David R. Krathwohl 2002

      Article Further reading This is the updated version of Bloom's taxonomy of educational objectives. Both models are good, but you may find this one easier to apply.

    12. Upgrade your teaching: understanding by design meets neuroscience - Jay McTighe, Judy Willis 2019, ©2019

      Book Further reading This new book links the Learning by Design method (also called Backward design) with current evidence from neuroscience about how students learn.

    13. Essential questions: opening doors to student understanding - Jay McTighe, Grant P. Wiggins c2013 (electronic resource)

      Book Further reading McTighe and Wiggins are the key scholars writing about Learning by Design and Backwards Design, a practice, commonsense method of designing modules and study schemes. Wiggins has some good videos on line where he talks about his process.

    14. Overcoming student learning bottlenecks: decode the critical thinking of your discipline - Joan K. Middendorf, Leah Shopkow, Dan Bernstein 2018

      Book Further reading This book gives you guidance on using the Decoding the Disciplines framework.

    15. Design and deliver: planning and teaching using universal design for learning - Loui Lord Nelson, David H. Rose 2014, ©2014

      Book Further reading Some practical applications of UDL.

    16. The psychology of effective studying: how to succeed in your degree - Paul Penn 2020

      Book Further reading This book can be used by staff and students. It has the most recent findings from cognitive science about how students learn, presented in a friendly, accessible way. Read it yourself so you can incorporate the key messages in your teaching.

    17. The Power of Successive Relearning: Improving Performance on Course Exams and Long-Term Retention - Katherine A. Rawson, John Dunlosky, Sharon M. Sciartelli 12/2013

      Article Further reading

    18. Shaping higher education with students: ways to connect research and teaching 2018

      Book Further reading

    19. The understanding by design guide to creating high-quality units - Grant P. Wiggins, Jay McTighe c2011 (electronic resource)

      Book Further reading This is a key text on the method called 'understanding by design' or 'backwards design'. This method is based on deciding first what you want students to be able to do after completing the module or study scheme, and working backwards to set appropriate assignments, marking criteria and then learning activities. An alternative to constructive alignment.

    20. The interim test effect: Testing prior material can facilitate the learning of new material - Kathryn T. Wissman, Katherine A. Rawson, Mary A. Pyc 12/2011

      Article Further reading

    21. Student plagiarism in higher education: reflections on teaching practice 2018

      Book Further reading This 2019 volume gives good examples of why plagiarism occurs and how we can help prevent it.

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