1. Suggested Manuals 4 items
    1. Foundations of international migration law - Brian R. Opeskin, Richard Perruchoud, Jillyanne Redpath-Cross 2012

      Book Essential This is suggested to buy as many of the essential readings will be taken from it.

    2. Research handbook on international law and migration 2014

      Book Further reading

  2. Law Journals 4 items
    1. The American journal of international law - American Society of International Law, American Society of International Law. Meeting 1907- (electronic resource)

      Journal Essential

    2. The British year book of international law - Royal Institute of International Affairs, British Institute of International Affairs 1921- (electronic resource)

      Journal Essential

    3. The international and comparative law quarterly - Society of Comparative Legislation, British Institute of International and Comparative Law 1952- (electronic resource)

      Journal Essential

  3. Key Websites 4 items
  4. Conceptualising international migration law - Brian Opeskin, Richard Perruchoud, Jillyanne Redpath-Cross

    Chapter Essential Document 2: chapter 1 of Foundations of International Migration Law

  5. Committee on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination, General Reccomendation No. 30 2004

    Document Essential Document 12E- Follow the link:

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