1. Design & Analysis of Experiments - Fallahiarezoudar Ehsan, Ahmadipour Mohaddeseh 2014

    Book Essential

  2. Time series analysis: with applications in R - Jonathan D. Cryer, Kung-sik Chan c2008

    Book Essential Time series workbook draws significantly on early chapters of this book.

  3. A Light Introduction to Modelling Recurrent Epidemics - David J.D. Earn

    Chapter Essential The lecture notes for epidemiology are based on this book chapter

  4. The analysis of time series: an introduction - Christopher Chatfield c2004

    Book Essential

  5. Principal component analysis - I. T. Jolliffe, ebrary, Inc 2002 (electronic resource)

    Book Essential

  6. Multivariate analysis - K. V. Mardia, J. T. Kent, J. M. Bibby 1979

    Book Essential The chapter on MANOVA is very helpful for the MANOVA workbook

  7. An introduction to generalized linear models - Annette J. Dobson, Annette J. Dobson 1990 (various printings)

    Book Essential